Name and aims

1) This Society shall be called the Sparta (London) Golf Society (hereinafter referred to as the Society) and shall be affiliated to the Sport and Recreational Association (hereinafter referred to as SPARTA) of the Departments for Transport and Communities and Local Government, the Civil Service Golf Society and other such bodies as the Standing Committee may from time to time determine.

2) The overall aim of the Society is to promote the playing of golf amongst all SPARTA members living or working in the London area, regardless of ability, gender and race, in the true spirit of golf's rules and etiquette. The Society will strive to maintain competitions for the many trophies the Society holds, so that the memory of those who supported golf in the civil service since the inaugural Society was established in 1921 is not lost. The Society will enter teams and individuals in Civil Service Golf Society competitions. The Society will also promote events for novice golfers. If there is sufficient demand the Society will consider putting on additional meetings and matches.

Management of the Society

3) The Management of the Society shall be vested in a Standing Committee consisting of the Captain, Vice Captain, Secretary Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and up to three other members of the Society, all of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

4) The Standing Committee will nominate an appropriate member as President of the Society, whose appointment shall be ratified at the Annual General Meeting. The President shall chair all meetings of the Standing Committee and the Annual General meeting but shall not have a vote, except as a casting vote.

5) The Standing Committee shall meet at least twice a year and three members and an officer shall form a quorum.

6) Nominations by members for Standing Committee posts, which must be seconded also by a member, may be made on or before the Annual General Meeting. Nominations will not be accepted if the person nominated has not given his or her consent. If the number of nominations is greater than the posts available, votes will be had at the AGM to decide appointees.

7) The Standing Committee shall have power to fill any casual vacancy in its membership and to co-opt additional members if and when required.

8) A sub-committee consisting of the Captain, Secretary and one other to be appointed by the Standing Committee, shall form the Handicapping Committee. This sub-committee shall have the power to revise the handicap of any member for the purposes of the Society's competitions. In general the lower of a member’s Club or Society handicap shall be relevant in all matches and meetings of the Society.

9) The Standing Committee may appoint other sub-committees from it own members or co-opted members to carry out specifically defined responsibilities delegated to them.

10) The Standing Committee shall appoint a representative to the General Management Committee of SPARTA.


11) Full membership shall be open to present and retired staff of the Office of the Deputy prime Minister and the Department for Transport, or their predecessor departments, who are members of SPARTA, subject to the discretion of the Standing Committee.

12) The Standing Committee may, at its discretion, grant associate membership of the Society to:

      a) Past employees of the Department;

      b) Wives or Husbands of full members;

      c) Other persons nominated by at least two full club members.

13) Associate members shall be entitled to the privileges of full membership except that whilst they may attend all General Meetings of the Society they shall not have a vote nor, without the consent of the General Management Committee of SPARTA, serve on the Standing Committee. Except where specifically mentioned, the term ‘member’ or members’ in this Constitution shall refer to both full and associate members.

14) An annual Society membership subscription of £5, in addition to SPARTA membership fee, shall be levied which shall be valid from October to September and payable before the first meeting attended. Only those who have paid the Society membership will be eligible for full subsidy at any meeting.

Competitions, Meetings, Matches and Trophies

15) Competitions and matches shall be held at such times and places and under such conditions as the Standing Committee shall determine and shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Club of St Andrews and any local rules of the course being played.

16) The Standing Committee will determine the format for all competitions maintaining the wishes of the original presenter of the trophies as far as possible and taking into account the following:

     a) in greesomes competitions, at least 6 drives of each player shall be taken;

     b) in 36 hole stableford competitions, where there is a tie, the points scored over the final 18 holes shall determine the winner. If points are still equal the back nine of the final 18 holes shall be taken into consideration, then, if necessary, the back 6 and finally the back three holes.

17) Meetings shall be open to all members. The Committee will endeavour to make sure that every member who wants to take part in a meeting will be able to do so, but if spaces are limited, the earliest to apply will have priority. Members who cannot be catered for will have priority at the next meeting.

18) Guests are welcome at any meeting but not at the detriment of members. Guests are not eligible to win the main prizes, as defined in list of competitions issued by the Standing Committee, and are not eligible for SPARTA subsidy.

19) The Captain will select members to take part in matches and other limited entry events.

20) The Standing Committee shall be responsible for official valuations of all solid silver and other valuable perpetual trophies held by the Society from time to time. Winners of all such trophies shall be allowed to retain the trophy only on the signing of an undertaking to take proper care of the trophy, to reimburse the Society to the full value of the trophy in the event of loss or damage, arranging insurance as considered necessary and returning the trophy, duly engraved, on or before the meeting the following year a which it will be competed for, or at any other time as the Standing Committee may direct.

21) No player may win more than one competition of similar format at a single meeting. The Standing Committee shall determine which competition will take precedence.

22) The Standing Committee shall organise meetings and matches for which the following rules shall apply:

      a) Members will be informed of the dates and cost at least one month in advance of each meeting or match and invited to indicate their willingness to take part.

      b) Members will be required to pay to the Society the required fees in full no later than 7 working days before the date of the meeting or match.

      c) In the event of a Member not appearing at a meeting for which he or she has paid the Society will endeavour to obtain a refund. If a refund is obtained the member will be paid a proportion of that refund according to the proportion of payment made by the Member to total fee cost per head paid by the Society.

     d) In the event of a meeting being cancelled and the Society receiving a refund, the Society shall refund to all Members who had paid, a proportion of the refund according to the proportion of payment made by the members to the total fee cost per head paid by the Society.

Annual and Special General Meetings

23) The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held during the last quarter of the year. 24) A special General Meeting may be called: i) By the Secretary at the discretion of the Standing Committee ii) Within one month of receipt by the Secretary of a written request signed by not less than ten members of the Society. Only those matters for which the meeting has been called shall be discussed unless the Chairman exceptionally decides otherwise.

25) At least twenty-one days notice shall be given to members of all annual or Special General Meetings and all motions must be submitted in writing to reach the Secretary at least seven days before the date of the meeting. A quorum for the Annual or any Special General Meetings shall be 10 members.


26) The financial year of the Society shall coincide with that of SPARTA.

27) The Treasurer shall keep proper records of all monetary transactions and shall present to the Annual General Meeting an audited statement of accounts.

28) The Treasurer shall be responsible for providing a copy of the audited accounts shall be submitted annually to the General Management Committee of SPARTA together with a bid for funds for the forthcoming year.

29) At least one and preferably two honorary Auditors shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. They shall not be serving members of the Standing Committee.

Rule Changes

30) No rule in this Constitution shall be altered or rescinded nor any new rule made except at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting convened for the purpose. A majority decision of two thirds of those present and eligible to vote will be required. Any amendment to the rules shall be notified to the General Management Committee of SPARTA.

31) The Standing Committee shall have the power to decide any matters on which the rules are silent, at their discretion.


October 2005

Revised August 2007

Revised October 2008