The Rules of the Mond Cup Competition

This is a matchplay knockout competition between the current holder and the top 7 or 11 players depending on the number of qualifying players from the Golfer of the Year final table from the previous year. If the current holder wishes to compete but is not in the top 8 or 12 positions of the previous year's GOTY table, he/she shall be nominated 8th or 12th place. In the event of ties in the GOTY table, the top 8 or 12 will be decided by highest points totals at the Autumn Meeting.


In the event of 12 qualifying players, the draw for the first round will be a straight draw of players from position 5 to 12 of the previous year's GOTY table. The top 4 of the previous year's GOTY will have byes and be drawn into the second round. The top four players from the previous year's GOTY will be deemed to have choice of venue in the second round.

The first named player in each Match (except the final) will have choice of venue. The opponent must be given at least two choices of dates at least one week apart with preference to weekdays. Participants should be aware that venues will not always be in the London area. However, consideration should be given to distances players may have to travel. Participants in the Final are encouraged to agree on a neutral venue for the match and if necessary they can ask the Committee to decide on such a venue.


First round matches must be played by the  end of April at the latest, the second round/quarter-final matches must be played by the 15th June, the 3rd round matches (semi-finals) be played by the end of August and the final prior to or at the Annual General Meeting for that year. Where they is any difficulty in arranging matches by the deadline, the Secretary should be informed without delay.


Where matches are played at a members own club (which includes local regularly played courses even if not a member), that player will have his/her society or club (whichever is the lower) handicap reduced by one shot. All matches to be played taking the full difference of the players handicaps (adjusted for home advantage) with strokes taken/given at the appropriate holes indicated by the stroke index on the card of the course. In the event of a mixed gender match, strokes will be taken according to the stroke index on the men's card. Also, ladies may take courtesy shots at holes where the ladies par exceeds the men’s par (gentlemen will be expected to be chivalrous where the men’s par exceeds the ladies).


Results of all matches must be notified by the winner to the Secretary without delay. The Secretary will notify winners of next round opponents immediately there are known. The overall winner will be announced and, if present, presentation of the Mond Cup will take place at the Annual General Meeting.

In the event that a match is tied after 18 holes, extra holes should be played. It should be determined beforehand from the club professional if extra holes will be allowed. If not, the result will be determined by the winner of lowest stroke index hole – i.e. the winner of SI 1, or if this is halved the winner of SI 2 and so on.


Please note that no subsidy is paid for playing in the Mond Cup. However, for the final a subsidy may be paid at the discretion of the Treasurer.