The Major Changes in the Rules of Golf for 2019

(March 2018 Update)


The purpose of this chart is to identify the main changes to the Rules of Golf in one place for ease of reference. These are the changes expected to have the most impact on the game and to be of most interest to golfers and those who follow the game.

The items included in this chart are organized in the following categories. While some changes could be listed in multiple categories, each only appears once in the category most reflective of the scope of the change:

Ball at rest:   Ball moved  Equipment:   Damaged clubs
    Ball replaced     Other equipment
 Ball in motion:   Accidental deflection  Playing a ball:   Advice and help
    Double hit    
      When to play during a round:  
 Taking relief:   Dropping procedure   Pace of play
    Lost Ball  
    Substituted ball    
    Embedded ball Player behaviour:   Standards of conduct
 Areas of the course:   Putting green    
    Penalty areas    
 Each entry describes the subject matter and compares the current Rule with the new Rule.