Handicaps of current members of the Sparta Golf Society

Updated to 4 May 2022 (latest society updates in Red)

With the change from club handicaps to Official Handicap Indexes under the World Handicapping System (WHS),
indexes will be checked and updated before each event.
Even if you are not a club member, you can still get an official handicap index.
Go to englandigolf.co.uk to find out more.

Members with official WHS Index Members without official WHS Index
Name Home club WHS Index Name Assessed WHS Index Previously
Alker, Phil Sedlescombe 15.9 Arney, Mike 24.6 23.7
Aung, Patrick   23 Ash, Anthony 16.4 16.5
Cooper, Darren Ashford 13.4 Cotterill, Andrew NYA 15
Cooper, David   20 Doyle, Jerry NYA 29
Dawe, Geoff Abridge 14.2 Elderkin, Steve NYA 23.5
Donaldson, James Sunningdale 5.7 Gardner, Andrew 21.4 20.5
Donaldson, Will Sunningdale 3.0 Heverin, Mark NYA 14
Frost, Pete The Addington 10.8 Hurley, John 23.8 23.2
Gray, Peter Windlesham 18.9 Marchant, Jason NYA 20.5
Hitchen, Mark Flackwell Heath 16.6 Patten, Phil 30.7 30.6
Hoy, Graham Ashford 25.4 Rolfe, Gordon 26.0 24.2
Jones, Owen Bedford & County 8.1      
Jones, Richard Westerham 16.1      
Manning, James   14      
Meyler, Steve iGolf 18.4      
Millard, Peter Puttenham 18.3      
Millard, Tom Mill Ride 12.4      
Milligan, Dave Littllestone 13.3      
Milligan, James iGolf 7.6      
Owen, Ray iGolf 22.7      
Porter, Howard  West Herts 25.5      
Rea, John Verulam 9.1      
Rossiter, Vince iGolf 20.1      
Ryan, Kevin Horton Park 33.8      
Ryan, Philomena Horton Park 38.5      
Shapcott, Simon Hoebridge 15.1      
Walsh, Kevin  Stoke by Nayland 21.1      
Ward, Don Verulam 13.4      

NYA= Not Yet Assessed                                   

 As agreed at the AGM 2021, members without a handicap index will have their society handicap assessed under WHS rules and will play off that revised handicap. Such handicaps will be re-assessed as necessary.

Further, slope ratings will determine actual handicaps at all meetings.

The above has superceded the handicapping rules below:

As agreed in Committee (April 2021), those who have a World Handicap System index will play off that handicap at all society meetings (rounded to the nearest full point).
The following therefore only applies to those who do not have a WHS handicap index:

Scores of 24pts or less - h'cap increased by 1
Scores from 25 to 32pts - h'cap increased by 0.5
Scores from 33to 37pts - h'cap unchanged
Scores from 38 to 40 pts - h'cap reduced by 0.5
Scores of 41pts or more - h'cap reduced by 1

Where handicaps have changed, previous handicaps are in brackets

Members winning a stableford singles competition (excluding 36-hole aggregate competitions) will receive a 0.6 handicap reduction in addition to any change accorded by the guidelines above. 
Half point handicaps shall be rounded up.

Where new members do not have a club handicap, they should indicate their average gross score and the Committee will decide on a suitable handicap which will not be higher than 20 for men or 28 for ladies. 
This may be revised outside the above rules after two Society rounds. Where necessary the handicapping committee may make other adjustments as it thinks fit.