Handicaps of current members of the Sparta Golf Society 

Updated to 2 March 2020 (latest updates in Red)

Members should ensure that any changes to their club handicaps are notified to the Secretary without delay.

Note: Following the AGM 2018, the implementation of the rules below will be subject to the consideration of the hanidcapping sub-committee.

Name Club Soc Name Club Soc Name Club Soc
Alker, Phil   18 Frost, Pete 9.7 (8.5)
Milligan, James 9.5
Arney, Mike   20(21.5) Gardner, Andrew 20.5(21) O'Callaghan, John 23 23
Ash, Anthony   15(17.5) Gray, Peter 12 9
Owen, Ray 17
Aung, Patrick 23 20.5 Hitchen, Mark 16.4 14.5
Patten, Phil 32(31)
Cooper, Darren 9 Hoy, Graham 18 17.5 Rea, John 8 4
Cooper, David 20 19.5 Hurley, John 23
Rolfe, Gordon 22(21)
Cotterill, Andrew 15 Jones, Owen 7 7 Rossiter, Maurice 28
Dawe, Geoff 13.7 13.5
Manning, James 14 13.5 Rossiter, Vince 21(20)
Dibbens, Ian  24 24 Mason, Peter 19.5 Ryan, Kevin 30 30
Donaldson, James 8 7.5
Michaels, Matt 25.5 Ryan, Phil 34 34
Donaldson, Will 4 2.5 Millard, Peter 18 Shapcott, Simon 20
Doyle, Jerry 28 Millard, Tom   12 Tranter, John 10 10
Elderkin, Steve 23.5 Milligan, Dave   18.5
Ward, Don 11 11

With effect from 29 July 2010 and as amended in May 2011 and again in June 2012, the Society adopted the following handicapping system:

Score below 24pts - h'cap increased by 1 Score 38 to 39 pts - h'cap reduced by 0.5
Score 24 to 29pts - h'cap increased by 0.5 Score 40 to 41pts - h'cap reduced by 1
Score 30 to 37pts - h'cap unchanged Score 42pts or more - h'cap reduced by 2

Where handicaps have changed, previous handicaps are in brackets

Following an adopted motion at AGM 2015, winning players handicaps will not be allowed to increase until they have completed
3 more singles rounds. Such players names are indicated in red (3 rounds to play), blue (2 rounds to play) and green (1 round to play).

         If a player wins an 18 hole stableford competition (including the Cook Cup disregarding the deduction) he or she is automatically cut by 1 shot plus any reduction due according to the rules above. Also, the handicapping committee may decide other adjustments are necessary but such changes shall be within Congu rules. Half point handicaps shall be rounded up. In addition, Society handicaps will not be raised above official club handicaps

Where new members do not have a club handicap, they should indicate their average gross score and the Committee will decide on a suitable handicap which will not be higher than 20  for men or 28 for ladies. This may be revised outside the above rules after two Society rounds.