Calendar of Events for 2020

Spring Meeting


 President's Day


Summer Meeting

Pine Ridge GC, Camberley
24th April 2020
  Sonning GC, Reading
29 May 2020
  Chobham GC, Woking
29 June 2020
Pine Ridge




Captain's Day


Autumn Meeting


AGM & Hastings Challenge

Thorndon Park GC, Essex
21 July 2020
  The Addington, Surrey
2 Sept 2020
  Westerham GC, Kent
Weds 7 Oct 2020
 Thorndon Park  Addington




 Mond Cup 2020

     Mond CupsmallAs usual our matchplay competition for the Mond Cup will be played throughout the season amongst the top 8 from the 2019 Golfer of the Year table. The draw will take place in January.